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AskERIC will provide you with an excellent referral opportunity to support you in building your business and provide your clients with additional complimentary services.

You can be assured of a no cross-sell guarantee or shift of client ownership, ensuring you can continue to build and develop your customer loyalty.

For further enquiries please contact business support on 0800 077 6885, info@askERIC.tv.

How can you benefit from us?

  • Equity release is one option that those approaching retirement, or have already retired, can consider
  • Equity release is a way for homeowners to release tax-free income from their property, with the guarantee that they can remain in the property as long as they wish
  • Specialising only in lifetime mortgage and home reversion plans, we are proud of our position in the market and the exemplary level of service we provide, both to our clients and referrers
  • We have developed an easy to use referral service which allows you to introduce your clients to us for equity release information and, in return, we will pay you commission and/or give a financial incentive to your client.
  • We can provide your clients with expert, independent, no obligation information on equity release, and manage their case from the initial enquiry through to completion in a professional, friendly and courteous manner.

An expanding market

The equity release market has expanded dramatically as a means to counter the current problems and difficulties experienced by those in retirement. In addition to this, lenders now also offer excellent product flexibility such as monthly interest repayments or voluntary capital repayments and innovative customer features like inheritance protection or downsizing protection. High street lenders and other household names continue to express an interest in entering the lifetime mortgage market. The UK government has also held talks with major players within the equity release sector, including AskERIC in an effort to address the issues that go alongside an ageing population.

The over 65’s currently have £1.1 trillion tied up in their UK properties, representing some 60% of their wealth.

With an increasing number of people reporting that the standard of living is declining in retirement, it is not surprising that they are looking to unlock the wealth tied up in their property to supplement their pensions and pay off a lifetime of accrued debt.

It is estimated that 40% of borrowers over the age of 60 have interest-only mortgages.

These are due to mature within the next four years, however, over half of these borrowers lack investment plans to cover the capital repayment needed to clear their debt.

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